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Alberta Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services

Next Opportunity Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services

Next Opportunity is one of Alberta’s top-rated professional resume writing and career coaching service. Owned and operated by Lorraine Morris - Alberta Certifed Resume Writer and Career Coach, who is an expert in every aspect of the job search process for Alberta's workforce.

Next Opportunity tailored resumesLorraine creates professionally written custom resumes specifically focused on the job skills that employers require. This is your opportunity to deal one-on-one with a Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) and a Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) who has proven experience in: 

  • Writing, reviewing, and analyzing resumes.
  • Identifying the skills and core competencies employers demand.
  • Extracting essential information about past employment history and performance; all vital, expert abilities you need to capitalize on if you are to put your best foot forward.

When you engage in Next Opportunity's customized resume writing and career counselling services, you benefit from Lorraine's hands-on expertise.

Customized Résumé Services

Alberta Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services

From entry into the job force, mid-career job changes, to Professional and Executive level positions, Next Opportunity has a variety of resume packages tailored for every career level and need. Additional Custom Written Documents also available are: Covering letters, Thank you letters and LinkedIn Profile Writing.

To select the customized resume service that suits your needs, view details from our Resume Services Page

Expert Career Coaching and Counselling

Next Opportunity Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services

For over 22 years, Lorraine Morris has helped hundreds of people across Canada thrive in their careers. Lorraine Morris helps individuals who due to uncontrollable changes in their lives, find themselves needing to work or change their work. Her goal is to assist them identify their key skills, strengths and attributes so they are equipped with a plan of action to market themselves in person and on paper as quickly as possible to secure employment opportunities that fulfill them and their financial needs.

Career Coaching areas that are concentrated are:

  • Career Direction - Understanding your ideal career goal
  • Job Performance - Enabling you to become successful through education, accountability, and time management
  • Job Search Techniques - Helping you improve your job search skills and assistance with tailoring your resume, cover letter and Linkedin profile to create a more professional theme.

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Next Opportunity Resume Tips and Career Topics

Next Opportunity Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services

Be sure to visit our Blog Page for interesting tips and topics for resumes, job interviews and your career. Topics that are covered:


"Your Next Career Opportunity Demands the Best of You on Paper and in Person"

Next Opportunity Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services


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