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The Hidden Job Market

The vast majority of job seekers conduct a job search by searching for job postings that are in their field and then applying to those jobs. But what most job seekers fail to realize is that 85% of positions available are never advertised! This means that most job seekers are only applying to 15% of the available jobs, which creates a ton of competition for those few jobs, while the majority of open positions go unnoticed. It will immensely help your chances as a job seeker if you take advantage of these unadvertised positions, also known as the "Hidden Job Market."

Hip E-mail Addresses Bad for Resumes!

Finding that perfect snarky, witty, oh-so-cool nickname to attach to your e-mail address, the one that fits you like your fave jeans, can be a creative coup. But alas, for job-seeking, the hip moniker might be a career killer.

A new study finds that electronic resumes linked to job candidates with quirky and "unprofessional" e-mail names are rated lower by potential employers than those with professional names.

Money! Money! Money! What’s Your Bottom Line?

In these very tough economic times the answer to this question is more important than ever!

What do you need to make per hour to cover all of your expenses?

Can you prove what you wrote on your resume?

Ownership rules when it comes to the content of your resume, especially in the interview process! Your resume is often used by the interviewer to ask you questions.

If you have used any of the following on your resume you might end up with egg on your face and NO offer of employment.