Finding that perfect snarky, witty, oh-so-cool nickname to attach to your e-mail address, the one that fits you like your fave jeans, can be a creative coup. But alas, for job-seeking, the hip moniker might be a career killer.

A new study finds that electronic resumes linked to job candidates with quirky and "unprofessional" e-mail names are rated lower by potential employers than those with professional names.

"People want to be creative, but that urge to be creative can be a hindrance if you're looking for jobs," said study author Kevin Tamanini, a doctoral candidate in industrial and organizational psychology at Ohio University.

Cyber highway

As is the trend throughout information commerce, millions of job applications that once traveled in hard copy through snail mail now get sent via the Internet. An estimated 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have career-focused web pages and accept applications online.

With the increasing use of online screening, an applicant's e-mail address could influence whether a resume gets tossed into the cyber-trash or makes it to human resources.

From Jeanna Bryner - Live Science

hip email address bad for resumes