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Cover Letter Writer

Do You Need a Cover Letter Writer? Maybe Career Coaching?

Writing a cover letter for every job that you apply for seems like a lot of time and effort. You may be tempted to use a template and replace names where needed. This strategy won't work to your advantage, however. A general cover letter may not even make it past the gatekeepers. Have you ever thought about hiring a cover letter writer? They know how to customize your cover letter so that it relates specifically to the job at hand.

A cover letter writer helps you with your brand image. They know that the hiring manager is your audience. Additionally, they utilize keywords and phrases that a company uses to find the perfect employees for positions that they currently have open, as well as pointing specifically to why you are the best pick for the interview.

Lorraine Morris is a Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) and Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) with a dynamic 23-year career. She's not only a cover letter writer, resume writer, and LinkedIn profile writer, but she also offers career coaching and career transition strategies that have a tremendous impact on her clients' employment potential. Morris helps individuals with career coaching that identifies vital skills, strengths, and attributes that help reflect your brand.

Why only hire a cover letter writer when you can get career coaching with a plan of action to market yourself in person on paper, in digital on social media, and through email? You'll be ready to go when that perfect opportunity shows up. Please get in touch with Lorraine Morris for career coaching, resume and cover letter writing, and to discover your Next Opportunity.

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