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For a Professional Writing Service Just for Teens

Alberta high school classes, such as Career and Life Management (CALM) and Info Pro, were designed to prepare youth with the necessary skills to find and keep part-time or summer employment, and beyond.


Completing résumés and cover letters are part of the curriculum, but I have found after many years as a guest presenter of Resume Writing in CALM classes, I repeatedly saw many disastrous attempts and an inability to produce a job-search-ready résumé for their final assignment.


Students tend to stick with basic templates and don’t individualize themselves to stand out to a potential employer. They also don’t tend to spell-check, fact check and ensure they have a quality résumé in place, often hurrying through the process, and not putting their best foot forward.


Unfortunately, despite these classes, and the dedicated teachers who teach them, most youth do not have the skills to write the content and use Microsoft Word to produce a résumé that will attract an employer. 

For a cost of $139.00, each student will receive the following:

Build My Resume Questionnaire

30-minute Telephone Consultation

Professionally Written Resume

30 minutes of Job Readiness Coaching

As I have always said,

“No Resume = No Interview = No Offer of Employment.”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Outstanding Quality

Contact Next Opportunity Resume Writing and Career Coaching today

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