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Food for Thought

We couldn’t ignore LinkedIn, even if we wanted to.

Although LinkedIn was founded in 2002, the site didn’t experience eye-popping growth until around 2011, when the company went public. The network grew substantially between 2007 and 2013 (pre-and-post Initial Public Offering), going from 10 million users in 2007 to 300 million users by 2013.

COVID-19 had little effect on LinkedIn’s overall earnings in 2020-2021. The company raked in an estimated $8 BILLION in 2020 (compared to their $243M in revenue from just 10 years prior) and more than $10 BILLION in 2021. Source: BusinessofAPPS

The key takeaway here is that LinkedIn seems to be pandemic proof – and quite possibly may be recession-proof too.

This stability presents an interesting opportunity for all users.

Google Trends shows that the search engine didn’t see its first searches for “LinkedIn Profile Writing Services” until December 2011.

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